Day 4: HITtheWALL

This was the day for either a 4, 6 or 10 hour swim, which we had all signed up for but decided against doing. For myself, I had swam 7.5km in just over three hours which was my furthest swim and was enough to qualify to swim the channel in a relay. The aim was to maintain and improve my fitness and stay injury free – a further swim could have been pushing my luck and there is always next year. Ash had done a 6 hour qualifier in Dover in October and like myself didn’t want to over do it and run the risk of injury. Unfortunately, Heather was still feeling the cold and showing signs of early hypothermia after about an hour so a four hour swim was not an option.

Will I go back next year? Absolutely, from the night swim on the first night, the 7.5km swim on day two to the Ice’n’dice on the Sunday, this weekend had made me push myself and I did more than I thought I was capable of. Have I found my limit, I don’t think so, I have moved my limits out a bit further. The Infinity crew, allow you to push those limits but they make the swims as safe as it is possible to do; be under no illusions this is cold, open water swimming, it cannot be 100% safe even with one canoe per swimmer (not the situation), this is not the weekend for your very first open water swim in skins or wetsuit. I had a great time and next year I will be doing a 4 or 6 hour swim on the Monday and book an extra night and day off to recover and drive home on the Tuesday.

Thanks to Heather for taking the photos. Also featured Kenny and Jennifer.

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