19 Days to go.

Friday 28th July marked 19 days to go. Friday is usually catch-up day at work, having spent the guts of two days trying to get ammonia monitors working, catching up was going to be a challenge. I also had to go and renew my driving licence as it would expire whilst in the UK. Whilst I caught up with some work, getting the rest done would have to wait until Monday. On the plus side, the licence renewal process only took 5 minutes, largely due to booking online and filling out the paperwork and having the correct documents with me; with a bit of luck my new licence will be with me before I head off. Hopefully the NCT (Irish equivalent of the MOT) on the car will go as smoothly next Friday.

Training today consisted of a swim with the Masters at the Watershed. I had planned on doing a shortish sprint session anyway and Duncan and another swimmer in the lane were agreeable. After about a 400m warm up, we then did 12x25m in IM order, followed by 4 x 50m in IM order and finally 100m IM, then as a cool down 4x25m using good push and glide and 15 strokes, 2 x 50m the same and an easy 100m to finish. The fly makes me work hard as, although I love the stroke, I am pretty bad at it. This was the first time I have done 50m Fly since I was a child, so I was pretty pleased with that. Thanks to Duncan for the set.

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