The Rebel Plunge

The Rebel Plunge was on the 9th June this year and both Ash and I had signed up for it which coincided with the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco which the amazing Heather had entered for the second year in a row.

Ash and I left my place at 9am with aim of getting into Cork for about 11:00 so that we could be sure of parking. We were there in time to park a short walk from the start at Port of Cork and have a leisurely coffee and scone on the walk round. We were some of the first to register and collect our goodie bag which included a very handy hold-all and a bobble hat (a must after an open water swim). We even had time for a wander around the Cork Harbour festival, though not quite enough time to look around one of the naval boat tied up at the dock. By the time we headed back to the Port of Cork there were a lot more swimmers around and we changed but kept our robes on to avoid getting cold too soon. Up to this point it had been a warm, mainly overcast, but with burst of sunshine, morning now the heaven opened and despite being under a bit of a veranda it was a bit of a game keeping our gear dry.

The swim is 3.8km downstream with the out flowing tide from the Port of Cork to the boat club at Blackrock and we were told to keep 10m out from the bank. By the time we put our gear in the van to be taken to the exit, listened to the swim brief and made our way to the start the sun had shown its face and it was quite warm lining up for off. As usual the start comes quickly and there is no time for much faffing around, fortunately the water was not too cold so I got off and running fairly quickly. I tend to start slowly and let ‘serious’ competitors hare off, I’m ashamed to admit that I quite enjoy the fact that I spend the time catching and overtaking swimmers. Ticking off the buoys, watching my technique and catching and passing swimmers passes the time and when there is no one about to pass, I tend to switch off and swim and enjoy the feeling of moving through the water.

It felt like the end appear fairly quickly, I’d lost track of time and there was someone there to help me find my feet to walk up the mat to the finish line. I found my bag and Ash and the heavens opened again so it was a quick change before lining up to collect our much needed burger. We stayed to applaud the winners before walking back up to Cork for a bite to eat and a chat.

The results show that it took me 53:28 which I’m happy with and placed 30 of 61 skins swimmers and 14 of 24 female skins, happy with that and another great day out. This is a well organised event and fun to do, if you get the chance sign up for it next year – I will.

Heather, of course, managed to escape from Alcatraz and after a week in the San Francisco sun arrived home safe and sound. She is one amazing lady.

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