2 weeks today!

Two weeks today (3rd July) our window for the channel opens, it’s been a long and cold journey. Heather, Aisling and I have been getting into the sea regularly for about 18 months, at times for only 5 to 10 minutes. Unfortunately Heather has struggled more than Ash and I adapting to the cold and has, despite her best efforts, run out of time to qualify for the swim. We are all sad to have come so far together and to not finish the job together, especially since this was Heather’s dream and we came along to help her fulfil it and in the process it has become a dream we shared. The team going to Dover will be Aisling and myself and Jennifer Laffan, a lovely Scottish young lady who has a solo spot booked for September.

It has been a gorgeous day and warm, after a day trying to catch up at work I decided to go for a little paddle at Dunmore East. The water was chilly but not cold, the few days of warm weather have started to work their magic on the sea temperatures. As with the swim on Thursday it was not as calm as it appeared from the car park and swimming out to the furthest flag was a bit bouncy though the changes in temperature were not a severe as last week. After swimming out to the first flag I met Mick Ryan from the Kilkenny Triathlon Club and we agreed to sort of buddy up. After the second loop Anne Corr and her daughter Ciara, also out making the most of the lovely summer weather. Its great when you expect to be on your own swimming, but meet up with friends and make a few on the way as well.

And Jen joins the team

I’m going to try and post every day until we swim now.

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