Another sunshiny day

The weather was absolutely glorious today, 22oC and sunshine all the way. It was so tempting go for a swim after work but unfortunately the car is having its first NCT (MOT equivalent) tomorrow at lunchtime. My car is usually full of stuff for swimming and/or a run, stuff for work and stuff in case I have a breakdown. I needed to get home and empty the car and clean the insides, if only to clear the sand and the remains from the oil that got spilt in the boot and the stuff I used to soak it up. It is official my car is now 100% cleaner and tidier than my house; may be I should move in.

Clean car

That little job took about 3 hours so there was no time for a swim, but at least I wasn’t sat on the sofa stuffing my face. It was a great distraction from the upcoming event, 13 days to go.

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