11 days and counting

I had great plans today to tidy and clean the pig sty that is my house, then my sister-in-law suggested meeting in Kilkenny for lunch. As my figure will attest, I don’t need to be asked twice to eat and I did need to get a few things in town so I thought I could go for a relatively early lunch get back and do some housework. Needless to say, we got talking over a lovely meal at the Kilkenny Design Centre (always good) and then I dawdled around the shops, shopping is not something I particularly enjoy and the account is not particularly healthy at the moment, before heading out to see M&D. We enjoyed watching the Evans vs Sousa mens singles match at Wimbledon – some brilliant tennis but I did leave at one set all, as it looked like it was going to be a long one. Popped into see my brother and family, and how my nephew did with his busking (he was happy) – he plays electric guitar very well and that is more than a proud aunt talking, he really is good.

The Sousa/Evans match was still on when I got home and I watched that until the end, unfortunately Evans lost but they were both playing some amazing tennis. On a positive note I emptied and then filled the dishwasher and did the washing up before trying a new scone flavour idea – raspberry and white chocolate. I use the basic Avoca recipe and added the raspberries and chocolate before adding the liquid ingredients. The mix was a bit too wet, probably due to the fresh raspberries, so didn’t rise too well. The flavour is not great either – I’m wondering if dried raspberries would make a less wet mix and provide a more intense flavour. I’ll take a few tomorrow morning for Ash to try after our swim.

Having been not so much feeling a bit stressed this week as being stressed, my eyelid twitches when I get stressed, I felt really relaxed driving home so a day out may have been a good idea and there is always tomorrow for the housework and gardening.

I’m sure anyone reading this will be thinking, ‘that is so boring’, but I hope it highlights the fact that most adults taking part in the various events no matter how long, hard and intense also have work, housework, gardening, shopping, cooking, family and extended family to fit around their training and the days not training are also important – recovery is all part of the training regime and is neglected at your peril.

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