It Passed

The three hours spent cleaning out the car was not in vain, the car passed the NCT – the inspector said it was a very nice car. Only need to get insurance now and the car is set for another year, well until the next service at least.

Made use of the 6:30-7:30 Masters slot in the pool, I pay in advance and half the time I can’t make it, the other half I manage 30-45 minutes. I decided to try a sort of HIIT session to try and get the most from the short time available, rather than poodle up and down. I did a very slow 5 x 100m warm up to get the neck and shoulders moving, long and slow as I found a very hard knot at the joint between the neck and shoulder – don’t want to aggravate that. The set read 6 x 50m all out for 25m then 25m easy, 4 x 75m all out for 50m easy for 25m, 2 x 100m all out 50m easy 50m and finally a 200m easy swim down. I also tried to do tumbles during when sprinting into the wall – I really struggle normally but oddly find it a bit easy to tumble when approaching the wall quickly.

On your own, it is not so easy to push yourself but I was puffing hard after the sprints, even with the recovery swims so hopefully I worked hard enough to gain the benefit. The A-squad is in the lanes next to where I was swimming, it is always a bit depressing when you are all out and the are passing you on a drill set; I try and console myself with the fact that I am older than some of their parents.

The rest of the evening was spent with Mum and Dad doing a bit of catch-up with Today at Wimbledon; the 15 year old Coco Gauff is through to the 4th round and has played some cracking tennis, there were some other great games with some great rallies over the net – love that type of tennis. Then over to see the brother and his family for a chat and catch-up.

I really need to clean and tidy the house tomorrow and may go for a run to give the shoulders a rest but still work on fitness.

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