8 days

Tuesday 9th July

My usual Tuesday is spent sampling rivers and/or lakes for the EPA, today was no exception. It was sunny and hot so the air-conditioning in the car was working hard on and off during the day. The samples then get taken up to the EPA lab in Kilkenny so I have a guaranteed 5pm finish.

Tuesday is also swimming night from 9-10pm with the session set by either Mikey or Jamie. I love this session as there is nearly always someone else in the lane trying to get through the session and the sets are varied but you feel they push you if you want them to. This week’s session included 2 x (12 x 25m at max effort), with only myself and Tadgh in the lane we raced each other – there is nothing like racing someone in the lane to make you put the effort in, we were both in need of the 200m easy after each set of sprints.

At home I finally decided to look at what I will need for the trip and put my list on a spreadsheet which I shared with Ash and Jen. Whilst we don’t want to double up unnecessarily, we also don’t want to forget anything vital or have to run around Dover trying to get the vital stuff on Monday or Tuesday. Having been warned not to take too much on the boat (they are not ocean going liners) it was a surprisingly long list and that was without the food and water. We also have to think about feeding Tracy (crew) and possibly the observer. Beginning to think I should have been planning this a bit longer, but then both Ash and I love our food so we will probably be okay. I will have to remember that we will be out and back within a day (possibly a very long one, but still only a day).

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